Economic Development Board

The Economic Development Supervisory Board can consist of 7 to 10 members.  Members serve a 3 year term, with a maximum of 3 consecutive terms.  Members of the Supervisory Board shall serve without compensation for their services to the community.
Board members
Nick Rhodes, Chairperson
Allen VanDriel
Jamie Isom
Steve Wingerson
Nancy Shaffer
Rachel Jones
Joe Stansbury
Regular monthly meetings are held the Thursday following the first city council meeting of the month. Special meetings can be held on the call of the Chair, for a specific purpose, and with public notice. 
The board may establish one or more committees, with each committee to consist of two or more members.  

Contact Info

Dana Peterson
Director, Economic Development
219 S. Main, Smith Center, KS 66967


Economic Development Department
219 S. Main Street
Smith Center, KS 66967
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